I agree with you 100 percent , I cannot believe people are supporting the idea of after becoming a movie , there are so many girls saying they want a relationship like Harry and Tessa , that is so fucked up that girls want a guy who emotionally abuses them all thanks to these fanfictions , and the sad part is that the author is 25 and she is married and she's basically promoting relationships like this and now it's gonna be a movie , smh.

that’s what i’m saying!! like i’ve seen so many tweets like “i love hessa!!” “i wish after harry was my boyfriend!!” “harry is such an arsehole i love it!!” like wtf is attractive about an arsehole? why would you want to date a guy that makes you cry? why would you want to date a guy that manipulates you to his friends? it’s so fucked up that girls reading this actually like it and want to have a relationship like this, and what’s worrying is they’ll probably look for a relationship like this if that’s all they’re reading about. i hope this author has some damn sense or the film producers are forced to cut it, because there’s going to be a whole bloody lot of backlash from this. 

if i turned my anon off i doubt you’d be sending me all this shit so please piss off


imagine having a member of one direction whispering in your ear their credit card number and telling you to buy anything you wanted oh shit im gonna cum


      ∟ Colour Palette (Insp: x, x)


: Girls there you go guess who”

Well guys what yee think of your hero don’t he look cute I wish I could re-live those days big love bro”



throw nothing but crop tops at one direction during their stadium tour, the entire stadium just throw crop tops fucking bury them in crop tops until they cave and wear one